Along came Polly

Чему мы учимся теряя?...
Okay, I did it. I saw my first movey movie in English last night. It wasn't easy)
I watched "Along came Polly" in English and with english subtiteles subtitles. I saw this movie in Russian and I could guess, what they're talking about. So, I listened to the pronunciation and cheked checked it with text.
It's hard to write English, you know..)
I'm going to watch it again and chek check myself witoutwithout subtiteles subtitles)
About film. It's a comedy about unsuccessful marriage of Reuben. His wife betrayed him during their honneymoon honeymoon. But he met his classmate - Polly and they liked each other. But Polly and Reuben were very different in their likes, habbitshabits and lifestyle. It leaded to many funny situations..
Watch the movie!

If you find some mistakes, please, tell me)
9 mistakes.. well)

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2009-03-22 в 12:45 

Друг – это не тот, кто приходит, когда ему плохо, а тот, кто не уходит, когда плохо тебе.
my first movey in English last movie
with english subtiteles. subtitles
listened pronunciation listened to the prononciation
chek check
be more careful with your spelling. Also I would have written the first part using present perfect instead of past simple.

2009-03-25 в 12:41 

Чему мы учимся теряя?...
almiconto, o, thank you)
Дальше спрошу по-русски, а то запутаюсь)) вот я пока не очень понимаю границу past simple и present perfect. Для меня все это происходило вчера, этот период времени уже закончился..
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