Книга George Mikes "How to be an Alien"

My tutor recommended me book George Mikes "How to be an Alien". This book about traditions, etiquette of Englishmen. It is written in English. I did not read it yet, but have seen. I think that it is easy to read it

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2009-03-22 в 12:38 

Друг – это не тот, кто приходит, когда ему плохо, а тот, кто не уходит, когда плохо тебе.
I've read this book few years before I actually came to England. What can I say? The book has good points, but is also full of generalisations and some stereotypes. However, it is good to practice your reading skills and have some fun. ;)

2009-06-14 в 10:22 

Чему мы учимся теряя?...
Omela, it is'n easy to read, but interesting)


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