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Я никому не позволю прожить мою жизнь за меня.
Psychologist: Now Dara, let's see if you can make up a picture as vivid as your sister's.
Daria: It's Daria.
P: I'm sorry Daria. What do you see in the picture, Dara?
D: A herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the planes.
P: Uh- there aren't any ponies. It's two people.
D: Last time I took this test they said they were clouds. They said they could be anything I wanted.
P: That's a different test. In this test they're people and you tell me what they're discussing.
D: It's a guy and girl and they're discussing a heard of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains.

"Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your life, Daria?"
"Only when I’m awake."

"I don't like kids. I didn't even like kids when I was a kid."

"The problem with going to restaurants is that they're not in my room."

"Golden Heather blonde," "dewy cornfield blonde," "April wheat blonde"... I just want to bleach my hair, not start a freaking farm."
"Well, I'm looking for "blonde as a bat," but so far no luck."

"That life sucks no matter what. So don't be fooled by location changes."
"You really should write fortune cookies. "

"ARRGK...GAAAAAGH!! Why couldn't I have been born during an influenza epidemic?!! Or at the base of a volcano?!! Why did I survive, grow tall, and strong, only to squander all of my potential, by becoming a TEACHER?!! WRAAAGH!!"
"When he would've been such a wonderful motivational speaker."

"Daria, come on, the neighbors are beginning to talk!"
"Good, soon they'll progress to cave-drawings, and before we know it, evolution is on its way."

Quinn: "Daria, have you seen my new Teenage Superstars magazine"?
Daria: "I couldn't help myself. I plastered my walls with its hot sexy pinups".
Quinn: "I'll ask Mom".
[Quinn exits. Helen enters.]
Helen:" Daria, have you seen your father"?
Daria: "Did you look under the Teenage Superstars magazine"?
Helen:" I'll ask Quinn".

"You and Jane arent really morning people, are you?"
"Nah, the night holds the key."
"The key to what?"
"I dunno Daria, it's early."

"I don't have a low self esteem, I have a low esteem for everyone else."

Doctor: "Daria, what are you doing?"
Daria: "Talking to the computer."
Doctor: "Do you always talk to the computer?"
Daria: "Only when the refrigerator is mad at me."

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2009-03-25 в 12:57 

Чему мы учимся теряя?...
A heard - помогите перевести) я нахожу только, что heard - вторая форма hear

2009-03-25 в 13:46 

Я никому не позволю прожить мою жизнь за меня.
Misli_na_peske в первом отрывке? ты парва - это вторая форма глагола.
Собсно, удивляет тут артикль А перед словом, не оч понятно какое он имеет назначение функциональное.

В общем, там опечатка)) верный варианта: www.nyctophilia.net/dariaquotes.html здесь) а слово - A Herd)) щас исправляю))

2009-03-25 в 13:47 

Я никому не позволю прожить мою жизнь за меня.
это значит стадо, гурт)

2009-03-25 в 14:41 

Чему мы учимся теряя?...
Ася., спасибо)


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